Beyond Sourdough: Getting through 2021

If you feel unmotivated and exhausted as we approach this winter of 2020 / 2021 this course is especially for you.  Care for yourself with six weeks of skilled guidance to nourish and inspire. 

Join anytime and work at your own pace.

Keep all the meditations to use anytime you want

Beyond Sourdough: Getting through Winter 2020

If you feel unmotivated and exhausted as we approach this winter of 2020 / 2021 this course is especially for you.  Care for yourself with six weeks of skilled guidance to nourish and inspire. 

 Join anytime and work at your own pace

Way back when the COVID-19 pandemic began perhaps you had grand ideas of how you were finally going to do xyz...  Finally get in shape? Learn how to bake sourdough bread? Daily meditation? Be the best homeschooling mom ever?

REALITY:  While there are days that feel super motivated & remarkably relaxed, and you might have even figured out the secret to a fabulous sourdough, most of us are experiencing various degrees of utter exhaustion.

As we enter this new winter season, it's normal to be feeling even more apprehensive about how on earth you will care for yourself while also navigating the pandemic and caring for your family. Finding energy to motivate yourself to do the things you KNOW would help you feel better? Way more challenging that it should be...

This course is for you...

Wait, but how on earth will I have time for a course on top of everything else?

I won't ask you to dedicate hours and hours to this course each week. I promise!  I have specifically selected these practices to give more than they take, in terms of energy and time. We all have a lot on our plate. For 6 weeks, we will explore supportive practices that won't take more from your already depleted heart.

My hope is that you will come to look forward to doing these daily practices and sharing your experiences with all of us.

Join anytime and work at your own pace

Nelia DeAmaral Registered Psychotherapist

with Nelia DeAmaral

My role as a psychotherapist is to help you move through life with greater courage, clarity & compassion.

My practice includes individual counselling, online courses and training for professionals. My work creates a warm, focused space, where self-compassion & personal growth can occur.

Nelia DeAmaral


Beyond Sourdough includes:

  • 6 weeks of supportive tools to get you through the hardest part of the winter. Includes 3 months access to the modules in case you fall behind. Sample topics include "Motivation Fatigue - when you are too tired to care", "Accessing your wise self in stressful situations", and "Creating a supportive rhythm: routines that nurture."
  • A collection of 6 modules containing simple, supportive practices to help your ability to cope with stressful emotions and situations. Each module includes practical information based on the latest research, a self-reflection practice or meditation and a small, personalized call to action, plus additional carefully selected resources.   
  • A lovingly moderated, private Facebook group of supportive, honest women who "get it" and won't judge you for not being at the top of your game.
  • As the moderator, I will check in regularly with reflections, support and insights to help you continue on the path of caring for and nurturing yourself. Improve confidence & self-acceptance. Move past old beliefs that you aren’t loveable, powerful, or good enough.

What not to expect:

  • Self-care shaming: Many women feel that self-care is another thing that they are supposed to be good at. After caring for everyone else, they want to be cared for. It's ok to feel like you don't have the energy to invest in yourself. We are in this together.
  • Basic self care: A bubble bath does not fix everything, even though it can be lovely
  • Therapy for dealing with anxiety, although our practices will help you cope with anxiety. For help with anxiety, join my "Journalling for Anxiety and Worry course"

These small steps, and the support of fellow women, will help you have what you need, to do what matters most to you, whether it's caring for loved ones, working or just enjoying your life more.

Join anytime and work at your own pace